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Opal is a precious stone that is amorphous and comes in wide range of colors like gray, magenta, white, shore, yellow, blue, green, black and brown. Black and red are considered to be the most admired and rare. From the other hand, green and white opals are the most commonly found ones. The common opal that is found in abundance is totally amorphous and its structure is not truly crystalline. The term ‘opal’ owes its origins from various sources. In Latin, it is called as opalus, in Sanskrit, upálá and in Greek, òpalliòs. Opal is also considered to be the national gemstone of Australia.

Opal is considered to be a mystery and fantasy stone that has special and attractive power of showing rainbow colors. These beautiful colors give a good impression and this stone is the birthstone of October born people. It bears the capacity of symbolizing various ancient beliefs and traditions.

Opal is also a precious gemstone that provides great and positive vibes to the person. With its enchanting effects, opal can blow the minds of even those who do not have much interest in stones and gems. This beautiful stone is considered to be originated from different parts like Nevada, Australia and Czechoslovakia. Since ages, lovers have been attached to this magnificent gemstone as it offers great blend of romance and elegance.

Opal has become one of the most popular and admired stones among the gem collectors. In addition, it is a common belief that these stones have been gifted by the Almighty and these magnificent gems come straight away from the heaven as a gift to the people on the Earth. The stone lost its grace and charm some few years back as it was believed that it is an unlucky stone but with the advent of time and decrease in the level of superstitious beliefs, this charismatic gem gained its powers and charm back.

There have been various beliefs attached to this stone. Like the Romans believed that opal had the features of symbolizing the characteristics of purity and hope because of which they are embedded in crowns and other precious jewelry. Moreover, they held a notion that this stone comes with special features of warding off various diseases and ailments. The Greeks thought that any person who will wear this precious stone will be gifted with the quality of forethought. Lastly, people during the Middle Ages held a perception that wearing this stones helps in improving eyesight.

Therefore, different people held different opinions about this stone but on the whole it is observed that opal is a splendid and graceful stone that attracts every eye and soul. Regardless of anyone’s beliefs and taste, a piece of fine crafted opal jewelry will always bring sparks in people’s eyes and smiles on their faces.
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