Brazilian and Peruvian Opal

Peruvian Opals

Brazilian Opals

The Inimitable Opals of the Two Lands

Opals are the most glorious gemstones on earth. They have always been associated with mystery and hidden powers. Opal gemstones have been significantly patronized for their beauty from the old ancient times all the way up to these modern days. The native North Americans have been using opal’s mystical and rejuvenating powers for ages. The presence of row opals in both North and South American continents is significant but their quality, appearance and the integral structure vary from one opal mine to another.

Peruvian opals are easily recognized by their light blue, non transparent opaque color. They might also show a tinge of semi green color and are found in a few places throughout Peru (South America) after which they were named. Peruvian opals of beautiful blue green shades are very often associated with elements of bliss and reverie. Despite their gentle and fragile appearance Peruvian Opals are quite hard and earthy.

The opal found in Andean mountain of Peru is certainly the one worth betting for. This is the opal that everyone aspires for and Peru is known for. Andean opal is one of a kind and it cannot be found in the same form anywhere else in the World. This opal is believed to have a relaxing and rejuvenating power that other opals usually don’t possess. Peruvian opal when worn as a pendant supposedly cools off a person and also gives them a sense of bliss, away from the tensions of daily life. It provides softening power and it is also considered to be a true source of peace and rejuvenation. Thus the healing nature of the Peruvian opals is what it is famous for.

Besides soccer, coffee and some other famous commodities and well known cultural events and natural beauties, Brazilian opals are also something that contributes to the popularity of this big South American country all around the Globe. Apart from Australia (being by far the largest opal producer in the World), Slovakia, Mexico and Peru, Brazil is certainly another country worth mentioning when it comes to opals and opal mining.  The main Brazilian opal mines are situated in the vicinity of the town of Pedro Secundo in the Piaui State. Boi Morto appears to be the most important mine in this area.

The majority of the Brazilian opals have white translucent to semi transparent body color although some stones have an orange body base. Their composition is in many ways very similar to the integral structure that occurs in some of the Australian opals and the best specimens of Brazilian opals could be very easily mistaken for their much better known Australian cousins.

Brazilian opals however have certain unique features which distinguish them from the other kinds of opals found elsewhere. The Brazilian opals contain half the margin of water compared to the other opals found in the World. While an average Australian opal has around 10 to 12% of water content in it, a Brazilian opal contains just 5 to 6% of water. This is very important and healthy feature that makes the Brazilian opals much sturdier and significantly reduces the risk of being damaged when exposed to sunlight or to the extreme and sudden changes of temperature. When compared to their counterparts from other parts of the World, this unique feature makes Brazilian opals superior in terms of the “life expectancy”.
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